A Contemporary Display of Kusamono Accent Plants

I work on bonsai and penjing but my wife’s interest is in kusamono and miniature planting. That works out well since I can use her kusamono as companion plant when exhibiting bonsai in shows. Last year we attended our State bonsai convention, and she displayed a contemporary group of kusamono with a local backyard theme using a small picnic table,
accompanied by a kusamono group planting in a broken pot placed on top of a native pink granite. The display can be viewed as two individual groups or as one big group with the taller picnic table flowing downwards to the right broken pot group planting.

The feather rock group planting was placed on the picnic table with a mischievous Siamese cat climbing up the rock examining the plants. Another Siamese cat popped its head at the edge of the table looking at the plants or perhaps ready to jump. Though not conventional, having cats in a show display is a hit to cat lovers. The solitary purple flower in the feather rock is a perennial dianthus, grouped with creeping jennies, oxalis, dandelion and a very small pine seedling just next to the cat. The pine seedling just popped up by itself and she decided to keep it there. On the right of the feather rock is a wild strawberry planted in a sake cup. I drilled a hole in the cup for drainage. Continue reading