An Informal Upright Japanese Black Pine


A three-point Japanese Black Pine display at the LSBF show.

This Japanese black pine (JBP) won the best conifer award in the April 2014 Lone Star State Bonsai Federation (LSBF) show in Houston. Winning the award was a pleasant surprise since I did not expect it; the tree looked somewhat sparse during the show compared to how it looked in the following photo taken on June 27.

JBP june

JBP in June 27, 2014

After the award announcement, some people told me it was the nebari that captured their attentions; the roots spread out nicely and radially outwards all around the base of the trunk which tapered gradually upwards into an informal upright style tree. The needles, though not that full during early spring, were short and even in all the branches. The height of this JBP is 28 inches from the nebari.

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