Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

These two mid-size “wakaebisu” and “chinzan” satsuki azaleas were grown from nursery plants for over 10 years. They spent their first 6-8 years in flower bed to thicken the trunks and were trained into bonsai. A photographer friend took the two photos when they were in full blooms at our bonsai show last May. The photos below them were taken a few days ago. They have not yet flowered, but in about one to two weeks they would suddenly be covered with flowers.

Houston Chinese Bonsai Society Show 2014-1

“Wakaebisu” satsuki azalea with  ‘hose-in-hose’ salmon color flowers in May, 2014. Height: 13″


Same tree, April 2015, no flowers yet, lots of buds and new leaves.

Houston Chinese Bonsai Society Show 2014-2

“Chinzan” satsuki azalea, May, 2014.  Height: 12″.


The same “Chinzan”, April 2015, waiting for the flowers to come out.


Mame “Chinzan”, styled from a nursery gallon plant. Height: 4″.


Multi-trunk shohin “chinzan” from 3 gallon nursery plant. Height: 8″.

Houston Orchid Society Show

The Houston Orchid Society had a very successful annual show at the Houston Natural History Museum last weekend.  I do not grow orchids but I enjoy going to their show to marvel at those unusual and highly colorful orchids, not the typical Phalaenopsis orchids sold in supermarket and regular nurseries.

Our Houston Chinese Bonsai Society secretary, Mr. KS Chong, is also a vice-president of the Orchid Society; he and his wife, Winnie, were in charge of this year’s displays. The orchids were set against black cloth backdrops. Anyone taking photos, regardless of their skill levels, would end up with very pleasing and highly contrasting photos of the flowers and background. In fact, the following photos were taken with just my phone camera.

Please enjoy the following photos:


This display won an American Orchid Society display award.


Paphiopedilum “Angle Hair” Venus Slipper Orchid


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