Houston Orchid Society Show

The Houston Orchid Society had a very successful annual show at the Houston Natural History Museum last weekend.  I do not grow orchids but I enjoy going to their show to marvel at those unusual and highly colorful orchids, not the typical Phalaenopsis orchids sold in supermarket and regular nurseries.

Our Houston Chinese Bonsai Society secretary, Mr. KS Chong, is also a vice-president of the Orchid Society; he and his wife, Winnie, were in charge of this year’s displays. The orchids were set against black cloth backdrops. Anyone taking photos, regardless of their skill levels, would end up with very pleasing and highly contrasting photos of the flowers and background. In fact, the following photos were taken with just my phone camera.

Please enjoy the following photos:


This display won an American Orchid Society display award.


Paphiopedilum “Angle Hair” Venus Slipper Orchid





20150412_112729 20150412_112855





Aerangis orchid in Louisiana Orchid Connection’s display.

20150412_113035 20150412_113057 20150412_113123 20150412_113251 20150412_122501 20150412_122633 20150412_130026 20150412_130059 20150412_13013420150412_13014520150412_130217


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