Taiwan Bonsai Journey 2 – More Trees from the Hwa Fong Show

As I walked into the main exhibition area of the Hwa Fong Show, a row of magnificent bonsai set against steel-gray background captivated my attention! Upon reading the labels, these were past Hwa Fong’s winners, they were on display by invitation only. I do not know whether this is a tradition of the Taiwan national show or this was specially arranged for the benefits of foreign visitors participating this joint BCI event.

Among them were beautiful tropical species such as Premna and Sea Hibiscus which are seldom seen in shows outside of the South East Asian region.

Sea Hibiscus (Hibiscus tilaceous) is a tropical species. In nature, the leaves are very large, however, they could be reduced to tiny leaves. Ramifications in these bonsai are astounding. Looking at the dense twigs, it would take several days and a great patience to defoliate. Here are two past winning Sea Hibiscus owned by Su Wen-Hong (蘇文宏).


Hibiscus tilaceous, height: 92 cm. A 2009 Hwa Fong Show winner.


Another Su Wen-Hong’s Hibiscus tilaceous, height: 99 cm, which won a Special Award in the 2010 show.


A 2016 winning Juniperus chinensis, height: 85 cm., by Lin Qiu-An (林秋安):




A 93 cm tall Juniperus chinensis, a 2007 winner owned by Liu Chan-Ling (劉燦琳):



A 2015 Special Award winner, Gardenia jasminoides, height: 75 cm. Owned by Li Man-Nan (李满男) and kusamono:




Here is a seldom seen tropical species for Bonsai, Horse Bush (Dendrolobium umbellatum), height: 85 cm., owned by Chen Chong-Bai (陳聰柏), a 2003 winner.



A 2015 winner, 95 cm. tall Juniperus chinensis, owned by Chiang Jin-Chun (蔣金村):



A highly ramified Celtis nervosa, height: 82 cm. This tree won the 2013 Hwa Fong Special Award. Tree owned by Chang Jing-Siao (張景堯).



A 2013 Special Award Juniperus chinensis, height: 93 cm, by Chen Chong-Bai (陳聰柏):


A 2016 Special Award winner, a 65 cm. Pinus thunbergii by Chou Wei Chen (周渭臣).


I visited Mr. Chou at his store in Taipei’s Jianguo Weekend Flower Market where he had a lot of high quality shohin for sale.



Mr. Chou’s shohin for sale at the weekend flower market. I think we all like to take one or two home!



Juniperus chinensis, 113 cm, by Mao Shi-Ling (毛實麟).


Fukian Tea, Carmona retusa, 95 cm.


Pinus morrisonicola, 80 cm, by He Zhi-Siung (何志雄).


Taiwan Five-Needle Pine (Pinus morrisonicola), 100 cm., by Chen Wen-Huan (陳文煥).



Juniperus chinensis, 85 cm., by Lin Sheng-Cheng (林勝政).


Dyospiro ferrea, 99 cm., by Chiang Jin-Chun (蔣金村).


Celtis sinensis forest by Professor Amy Liang (梁悅美教授).


Clump style Ficus microcarpa by Tsai Zhen-Sin (蔡正信).

Mr. Tsai’s Red Lantern Nursery (紅燈籠) is located in the Yangming Shan area in Taipei. He has photos of his other award winning trees on his studio wall.


At Mr. Tsai’s nursery, it was very nice that the Taiwan show sent the participant a photo of their entry tree. L to R: Mr. Tsai, me and Mr. Chun-Sheng Chen (陳春生).


Photos of winning trees in the various shows.


An interesting Ficus microcarpa by Hsieh Si-Siung (谢喜雄).



Eurya emaginata, 78 cm., by Liu Bang-Yong (劉邦勇).

I will end this post with a large Ficus microcarpa by Tsai Ming-Long (蔡铭隆). As there were so many trees, shohin would be in the next post.


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